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  AX8620 | Power supply modules 20 A
  A power supply module generates the DC-Link voltage (DC) for the supply of the axis modules and the option modules from the mains voltage. It already contains a mains filter, for which the drive is tested and certified in accordance with EN 61800-3 for Category C3 use.
  Any regenerative energy produced, e.g. through strong braking of the motors, can be converted into heat either via the internal brake resistor or via the combination of built-in brake chopper and external brake resistor. Alternatively, the energy can be buffered in the AX8810 capacitor module.
  AX8000 supply modules can be used on 1- and 3-phase low-voltage mains supplies.
  1-phase mains supplies 100…240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  3-phase mains supplies 400…480 V AC, 50/60 Hz
lol赛事押注平台-电竞赛事竞猜平台   A separate 24 V DC power supply is required in each case.

Technical data AX8620-0000 AX8620-1000
Function power supply module
Rated supply voltage 3 x 400…480 V AC 1 x 100…240 V AC
Rated input current at 40 °C 3~: 17.5 A AC 1~: 10.0 A AC
Rated output current 3~: 20 A DC 1~: 7 A DC
Rated output 3~: 10.7 kW 1~: 2.0 kW
DC-Link voltage max. 875 V DC max. 425 V DC
DC-Link capacitance 405 µF 1020 µF
Max. braking power (internal/external) 21.8 kW/21.8 kW 5.4 kW/9.8 kW
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60 mm x 230 mm x 192 mm