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  AX881x | Option modules
  An AX8810 capacitor module extends the DC-Link capacitance and is particularly suitable in combination with the AX8620-1000 single-phase supply for the support of the DC-Link. It enables energy savings: voltage peaks generated by braking motors are taken up and stored. This makes the activation of the brake resistor mostly unnecessary and helps to reduce power losses. Overall, the use of the capacitor module makes a reduction in the total connected load possible and also a smaller dimensioning of the fuse.

Technical data AX8810-1000 AX8810-0000
Function capacitor module/DC-Link extension module
For power supply modules AX86xx-1000 AX86xx-0000
DC-Link voltage max. 425 V DC max. 875 V DC
DC-Link capacitance 4420 µF 1755 µF
Dimensions (W x H x D) 60 mm x 230 mm x 192 mm